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Hydrocodone is used in the treatment of pain and cough. It is highly efficacious as a pain-reliever and cough-suppressant. It is 12 times more efficacious in cough suppression and 6 times more efficacious in pain-relieving, than codeine. It has similar efficacy as, but less potency than, morphine. Its use should be directed by the health care professional, therefore before you buy hydrocodone, talk to your doctor. Even if you buy hydrocodone online, take his or her advice.

Its common side effects are giddiness, itching, light head, nausea, drowsiness, sweating, constipation, euphoria, and vomiting. In some patients, vomiting is severe to the extent of the need of hospitalization. Less commonly occurring side effects are allergic reactions, changes in mood, blood disorders, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, mental confusion, lethargy, spasm of the ureters, trouble in urinating, irregular or shallow breathing, and rashes.

It cannot be said that the side effects of the drug will definitely occur; they are likely to occur. So patients should not worry much about them. If you take this medicine under physician’s guidance, it will work fine. Therefore, before you buy hydrocodone, you should talk to your doctor. If you choose to, you should know everything about it.

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All the –codone family of opioids, and especially hydrocodone, is likely to cause long term hearing impairment, if used for extensive time duration.

Among these side effects, some are caused because of the fact that a fraction of hydrocodone is converted to hydromorphone in the liver. It is the characteristic of all codeine-based pain-relievers. The degree of conversion can vary according to other medicines and inherited metabolic peculiarities. These factors can also affect the efficacy of the drug; some may show maximum effects with a smaller amount of drug, while some may require a large amount.

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One of the side effects of the drug is, it reduces the testosterone levels in men severely, and it may bring about irregular menstruations in women. Especially chronic use is very dangerous. This occurs due to a negative response both at the hypothalamus-pituitary level and at gonadal level. This is indicated by loss of libido, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, infertility, and loss of muscle mass.

Because of its opiate-associated side effects like euphoria, somnolence and sedation, it is now taken as a recreational drug. This habit is most popular among teenagers as well as young adults, because they can get it easily. Chronic use may cause dependency and crucial withdrawal symptoms when the dose is decreased or discontinued. Withdrawal symptoms include severe pain, pricking sensation, sweating, sneezing, fever, watery eyes, anxiety and restlessness, etc.

Considering all these aspects, when you buy hydrocodone, you must be aware of all the facts, though with the help of physician, you can administer the drug effectively and safely. You should remember this even when you

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